Introducing assembly-differ

Hi! ever wanted created a dll and nuget package and wanted to get a report of all of the assembly changes? Well now there is a dotnet tool for that!

Introducing assembly-differ

To install globally:

dotnet tool install -g assembly-differ

But installing globally is not very repeatable build friendly so lets use local tools that were introduced with .NET core 3.0. Andrew Lock did a fantastic blog post introducing these

Create a manifest file locally if one does not exist already:

dotnet new tool-manifest
dotnet tool install assembly-differ

Now you can run e.g:

dotnet assembly-differ "nuget|Elasticsearch.Net|7.3.0|netstandard2.0" "nuget|Elasticsearch.Net|7.4.1|netstandard2.0"
dotnet assembly-differ "nuget|Newtonsoft.Json|10.0.1|netstandard2.0" "nuget|Newtonsoft.Json|12.0.1|netstandard2.0"

To get the differences between two nuget packages.

Differ builds on the amazing work done by JustAssembly, licensed under Apache 2.0. We currently run on a fork that we know works on linux/osx as well.

We hope this tool in the future will be able to:

Trying to blog on the eve before a vacation does not leave me much time to fully do all its capabilites justice so expect more blog posts in the future!


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Introducing assembly-differ

Written by Mpdreamz